My mom says she will never be able to thank you for how you have changed our lives, but I know how.  will thank you as I read a book to my parents , my children, and my grandchildren.  will thank you when I bring home another report card of straight A’s. I will thank you when I spell “restaurant” and laugh because my mom can’t; I will thank you when I graduate high school, and college, and maybe med school; I will thank you when I feel smart and not just pretty. Ha ha!  I will thank you when I see a cherry and think how much I love you. Ms. Cherry, you have made a difference in my life. I love you.  -A former student

My daughter was diagnosed as Intellectually gifted with a specific learning disability-Dyslexia in July of 2011 (one month before her 6th birthday.)  After 3 years of Pre-K at Montessori and living in a highly literate home, her test showed her to be below a 3 yr olds reading skill level.   She had extreme difficulty recalling names of dear friends and family or common objects with frequent word substitution.   It was also becoming very apparent that any reading skills could be taught over and over yet gone the next day. My daughter  worked with a therapist trained by The APPLE Group throughout her 1st grade year.  She completed the entire Connections program last month and was able to read passages on a 4th grade level.  She frequently comes to my own 4th grade class room and picks up my science and chapter books and reads for hours at a time.  She has All A's for All Year as well as a perfect score of 100 percent in reading for the entire 4th 9 weeks! - parent


What participants are saying about The APPLE Group:

I have taught for 39 years and have a Master’s in reading. I have learned more about teaching someone to read than I ever have. - 

WOW! I feel like I’ve been given a treasure box full of materials to use today in my class!

I wish I had been able to learn this earlier. I am going to completely change how I teach. 

I have a master’s degree with 30+ hours. But this was the best training I have ever experienced.

Love that it’s time-tested, research based, and relatable to kids. The training exceeded all my expectations. 

I am walking away with tools that I can immediately use with my students. 

My students are loving Connections! We ran out of time today and they were grumbly because they didn't get to finish!

The faces on  these precious children are unbelievable as they unlock the infamous code....