•  A forty-five hour course in structured, systematic, multisensory techniques for teaching the structure of the English language and the acquisition of the basic skills for reading. Connections is Science-based Reading for Whole class, intervention, or one on one. 

  • June 5-9
  • June 12-16  in  ALMA (please send an email to for more information)
  • July 31-August 4
  • Comprehension: OG in 3D curriculum teaches a process of gathering, organizing, and synthesizing expository reading material.  The process includes multisensory strategies and materials that address diverse learning profiles.
  • October 11,12 and October 24,25
  •  A two-year program that includes history of OG, terms, the structure of the English language, why we teach using multisensory techniques, current research, accommodations, and technology. It also includes comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and study skills. You will be able to immediately put this into action with students


  • Dyslexia Awareness- 

    The Apple Group's three-hour or five-hour Dyslexia Awareness Workshop introduces schools and co-ops to the key areas around dyslexia.


  • Apple Seed/ Phonemic Awareness -A six-hour course in systematic, multi-sensory techniques for teaching the acquisition of the basic phonological and phonemic awareness skills for reading.


  • Screening- A six-hour course that explains how to administer, interpret the Dyslexia Screener, and implement therapy groups with the students who show markers of dyslexia.



The APPLE Group, Inc. equips parents, teachers and the community to effectively serve children who learn differently through a proven suite of multisensory structured language strategies.

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